Topline Hockey

The Premier Hockey Training in the Tristate Area 


Our professional coaching staff, many of whom have extensive experience at the collegiate and professional levels, are innovators in the hockey training space.

We deliver sessions that provide a comprehensive and challenging experience for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

The idiosyncratic nature of hockey demands fast paced skilled movements simultaneously with power and grace.

We tailor our lessons to meet the specific demands of each player in preparation for their next game or practice.

On Ice

Join one of our camps, clinics, private or small group skates to work on: 

    • Skating: create more space by improving stride efficiency, edgework, and foot speed.
    • Shooting: develop a quicker release, pin-point accuracy, and overall shot power. Score more goals by changing the angle of the puck and shooting through screens. 
    • Stick Handling: work on quicker hands and complete control of the puck. Enhance the ability to dangle in traffic. Be the player that has a puck on a string. 
    • Hockey IQ: you will be challenged in small area drills that emphasize habits that translate into game-like situations.

Strength Training ​

Meet us in our state of the art performance facilities and be ready to put in the work:

    • Increase conditioning and stamina.
    • Develop strength, power, and technique.
    • Build muscle, while improving speed and mobility. 

We offer: 

    • Adult fitness.
    • Full team sessions.
    • Private and small group training.
    • In person and online training options available.



Shooting specific classes that develop technique and refine goal scoring ability.

    • Improve your reaction time while working in a tighter area.
    • High quality repetition (10x what you’d accomplish in a practice). 

In a typical session each player will be challenged to:

    •  handle pucks in traffic.
    •  release their shots quicker.
    • catch passes in unconventional positions.

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