Hockey is a unique sport that combines fast paced skilled movements with power and strength techniques simultaneously. We tailor our strength and conditioning program to meet the specific demand of the player and season they are preparing for. 

Our specialized training allows players to hone in on skills that may not be focused on during team practices. We place emphasis on high quality repetitions, refining fundamentals, and challenging our skill threshold each session. 

Offering small group classes and private lessons, give us time to break down and analyze deficiencies on a player to player basis. We then curate a player specific program for maximal development.

Looking to take your hockey skills to the next level?
Join one of our small group on ice training sessions with a low coach-to-player ratio. .
Working in small groups allows athletes to:
  • More focused and efficient training sessions
  • Competition that comes with a small group dynamic
  • Be around players that will motivate and push you to the next level
  • Receive personalized feedback or corrections that you won’t find in larger groups (identify strengths & weaknesses) 
How are you getting better off the Ice or away from competition?
Join one of our athletic performance & functional fitness classes or programs.
  • Adult Fitness
  • Small group or private training
  • Team Training
Results/Goals using Data-backed “why”-based approach. :
  • Help Prevent injuries. (stay on the ice/field/court)
  • Build strength and Gain muscle
  • Data-backed “why”-based approach.
  • Improve speed, agility, and conditioning
  • Unlock your full athletic potential, and be around people who want you to succeed
Have more specific skills you want to focus on?
Join one of our small group Glice Sessions(limited to 3 Players).
This class will take your game to the next level:
  • Focus on developing your stick skills
  • Improving your decision-making ability on the ice.
  • Competition to push each player in a positive manner
  • Work on receiving passes, shooting through screens, and dangling in tight spaces
  • Focused instruction/feedback that you need to achieve your goals
This falls under any camps, small events, or clinics that Topline holds. Expect to see a bigger class size.
  • 2 Day to Week long (Local or Sleep-away)
  • High intensity with a goal and specific theme.
  • Multiple on ice and off ice sessions each day.
  • Team are welcome (please contact
Clinics (one day long)
  • One session (1hr-2hr long)
  • High intensity with a goal or theme.
  • Can have a ice and gym component depending on location
  • Teams are welcome (please contact
Expect Guest Coaches, Appearances, and our partners Biosteel, Helios, Super Deker, Brrtn, Stryd and more!
Become a Student of the game!
Book a professional or college hockey player who specializes in providing video analysis:
  • Breakdown a Skill Sessions (technique)
  • Review recent game video or shifts
  • Review Team/Line-mate Video
  • Go over zone play, coverages, faceoffs, etc..
Cant make it to one of our locations?
Shoot us an email to join one of our remote programs.
Looking for?
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Adult Fitness
  • Individualized Training Programs for Athletes
  • Advice, Guidance, Goal Planning and Setting

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