My son Brayden has been playing hockey for 8 years and has been training with TopLine and its head instructors for the past year. After his first session with Conor Leen, Justin Selman and RJ Burns at their new facility in Fairlawn NJ, I could not only see instant results at his next team practice, but the thing that mattered most to me as a parent was his enthusiasm and drive to get better after each session. The Instructors were able to identify and meet his level of play quickly by tailoring drills and resistance training directly to his needs, regardless of the other players he was working with. All the instructors are able to connect and relate to kids of all ages in a way that makes the training not only engaging but also tons of fun. The facility is top notch and captivates you as soon as you walk through the door. I would recommend TopLine to any hockey player who is looking to excel in the sport and take their game to the next level.

Chris Scali

TopLine hockey has been a fantastic additional training program for many of our Don Bosco Ironmen Hockey Players.  Today’s players have tremendous skills and through outstanding coaching of Connor Leen, Justin Selman and RJ Burns our guys get that extra work in. With high tempo and creative thinking, the TopLine coaches push our players on improving their stick handling, shooting accuracy and game like skill situations.

Greg Toskos, Don Bosco Prep Varsity Head Coach
I have been around hockey a long time and my son’s coach on and off the ice since he started skating at age four. After i retired in 2012 and started coaching youth hockey,I realized how hard and how different is proper coaching and training for every youth age group The past 9 years i have been learning,researching,talking to top coaches around the globe and bringing my own ideas about coaching and training for my son and the team i was involved with.

Nicky is 13 years old now ,very talented hockey player,and i started looking for someone who i would be comfortable with to continue his growth and give him a different voice than just me and most importantly for me to step away and be just a father to him.

Justin has been training Nicky for about three months months and i really like the results we are seeing. After an 20 minute conversation about modern hockey training I knew this is the place for my son. Justin’s knowledge about hockey specific training is second to none, he knows exactly what different age groups need and most importantly he’s looking ahead how hockey will look in future and what needs to be done now to not just  be competitive, but to dominate.

Most importantly my son is excited go to Topline every time,gets worked really hard the right way and comes home with smile on his face and energized.

Lastly when you walk to Topline you get modesty,respect and great relationship between the coaches and your child

Petr Sykora, NHL

As both a coach at multiple age levels over the past twenty years and as a parent of a 2010, I was introduced to TopLine hockey over the past year. Simply put, Topline Hockey has been the most important and revolutionary training that I’ve seen. The attention to skill develop and physical conditioning is unmatched. Customizable to all age groups, the training is both forward thinking to the future of hockey and most importantly, the kids have an absolute blast. Connor, Justin and RJ have built a foundation and a work ethic that is allowing kids to gain the skills and confidence to get the most out of their game. Having instructors who can still demonstrate at such a high level, provides a goal based atmosphere and a competitive push.  I cannot be thankful enough for the opportunity to have our high school players and my younger 2010s be able to train with such a great group. Topline hockey truly is special and I’m excited to see the future development of all those who are trained by this great group.

Sean Foye, Don Bosco Prep-AHC

“Our son Matthew has been training with Topline with Justin Selman and Connor Leen for the last year. After considering some training programs closer to home. Topline Hockey provided a comprehensive program including; strength and conditioning training, hockey specific workouts and even age-appropriate meal plan. Our son’s experience at Topline has translated to dramatic improvements in his game.”

Mathew Schuyler, KENT

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