The Topline Difference

Our coaches realize hockey is a unique sport that combines fast paced skilled movements with power and strength techniques simultaneously. We tailor our strength and conditioning program to meet the specific demand of the player and season they are preparing for. 

Our Glice rink allows players to hone in on skills that may not be focused on during team practices. We place emphasis on high quality repetitions, refining fundamentals, and challenging our skill threshold each session. 

We offer small groups classes and private lessons that give us time to break down and analyze deficiencies on a player to player basis. We then curate a player specific program for maximal development.

We Offer…

Strength, Conditioning and Speed Training – In our state of the art custom olympic weight training center equipped with oxygen training and recovery woodway treadmills, 50 yard turf runway, and recovery lounge with normatec and hypervolt technology

On “ice” Skills and Scoring sessions – We utilize Glice synthetic ice to optimize repetition and hone in on unique skills in a convenient and accessible setting

1:1 Training – Click here to inquire about a personal training or skills session. This allows the player to structure the session around personal needs and focus points .

Outsourced Team Practices – Topline coaches will run a full team through a high pace, competitive practice session at a requested rink. Click here to inquire

Video Analysis – A member of the topline coaching staff will identify deficiencies and strengths by breaking down tape taken during a skill session or analyzing and reviewing a full game video. We’ll then take these notes back on the “ice” and get to work, giving the player the highest level of individualized skills training attainable.

Fueling – Just as important as skills training and weight training, is paying special attention to what we are consuming to fuel our performance. Meet with one of our coaches to collaborate on best practices and proven strategies to optimize recovery and get the most out of every session.