What Can I Expect in a 90 Minute Class?2021-02-22T21:52:14+00:00

1.    45 Minutes of Hockey Specific Strength and Conditioning Training.

  • Dynamic stretching
  • Plyo and speed work
  • Hockey specific strength and weight training
  • Mobility and core movements
  • Injury prevention

2.    + 45 Minutes of On-Glice High Intensity Skills and Shooting Training.

  • Advanced shooting and accuracy training
  • High pace stick handling and deception training
  • Game situational drills & preparation
  • Position specific reps
What equipment is needed for a session?2021-02-22T21:46:12+00:00

A helmet is suggested, gloves, skates and a stick, players are more than welcome to wear any other padding that they wish.

Is my player too old or young for a class?2021-02-22T21:46:40+00:00

All classes are individual skill based, and Drills and workouts are adjusted at a per athlete basis ensuring each player gets the appropriate attention and workload per session. We have titled a few of our classes with specific levels and ages but most classes are applicable to any player trying to improve their game. That said, we are offering a YOUNG GUNs class on Wednesday and Friday @3pm for our players 12 and Under ( workouts include athletic body weight training, balance, and stability as well as light weights and resistance training).

Can I only do glice or just a workout in a given class?2021-02-22T21:46:59+00:00

Yes! Each section is broken into 45 minutes of glice and off ice training. If you only wish to train in one or the other, simply book the 90 min class online and let the front desk know you are only attending half the session.(Different rates will be applied)for only Glice or only Strength and conditioning for that given time slot.

Do you offer nutrition and fueling programs for the players?2021-02-22T21:47:26+00:00

Yes! Please do not hesitate to ask one of our coaches how to set up an initial consultation to address any nutrition and lifestyle inquiries. We have a state of the art body scanner that measures body fat%, lean muscle mass, weight, and fat mass which we use to tailor a program to individual players needs.

How many players are in each class?2021-02-22T21:47:48+00:00

Each class has a limit of 12 players. However this means at the most there will ONLY be 6 players on the glice and 6 players in the gym at a time.  Our staff takes pride in our coach to player ratio to make sure each player is receiving the proper attention and focus in each class. Most of our sessions included 1 coach and 4 players.

Do you offer packages?2021-02-22T21:48:17+00:00

Yes! Our packages allow players to train at a discounted rate while making the booking and payment process more streamlined and efficient!

10 Pack saves you nearly 20% ! 

We look forward to helping each player individually reach their goals on and off the ice! We can’t wait to see you again soon!

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