The Home for Hockey

At Topline we understand first hand the commitment and dedication it takes to climb the ranks in today’s competitive climate. So, we have brought the knowledge and training methods acquired through our coaches’ first hand experiences in NCAA /professional hockey to one convenient location. Ultimately giving our players more time to focus on development and less time on travel.

Our curriculum provides players access to modalities taught at the highest levels in all facets of the game. Whether it’s our hockey specific strength and conditioning programming, hockey skills and shooting training, or the nutrition protocols needed to meet the games increasing demands. We have it all in our state of the art facility and are here for our players!

The Topline Difference

We’re combining hockey’s most innovative training methods from the games highest levels and bringing them back home…

Our coaches realize hockey is a unique sport that combines fast paced skilled movements with power and strength techniques simultaneously. We tailor our strength and conditioning program to meet the specific demand of the player and season they are preparing for. 
Our Glice rink allows players to hone in on skills that may not be focused on during team practices. We focus on high repetition, refining fundamentals, and challenging our skill threshold each session. Our small groups and private lesson approach gives us time to break down and analyze deficiencies on a player to player basis. We then curate a player specific program for maximal development.